WELCOME HOME.......to Mt. Shasta's Holiday Rentals


Looking for something to do in Mt. Shasta?


There are many things that you won't find in Mt. Shasta.



For example, there is no mall in Mt. Shasta to quench your insatiable desire for a Cinnabon and endless hours of unconscious retail therapy.


In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a place to buy underwear in our quaint little town (note to self: BYO Underwear).  You also won't find a nightclub, an amusement park or a WalMart either. 


Do not despair. This is a good thing. This is the reason the locals stay. And this is the reason a few very smart folks like you are discovering this area as a great mountain getaway. 


But, what to do? 


Here are a few ideas for things to do, and these are just the tip of the glacier (Mt. Shasta has 7, you know?). Please ask if you want some local insights and advice tailored to your group. 





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